A Maryland deck is a great outdoor feature that can add character, style, versatility and value to any property.

Your deck could be a place to host parties and family gatherings, dine “al fresco,” relax in a hot tub or grow your little herb garden – the possibilities are endless!


Have Your Deck Built by Our Professional Maryland Deck Builders

You should decide on the purpose of your deck before moving on to the design stage. For example, if you’d like to place a hot tub in the corner, you will need a deck structurally strong enough to support it.

Some other factors to consider when building a deck:

  • Budget
  • Materials
  • Location
  • Maintenance

Low Maintenance Railings & Decks

The maintenance factor is very important, because it defines how much time you are willing to spend taking care of your deck. Many people ask us about low-maintenance options and we are happy to say we can help.

  • We build low-maintenance decks using composite and solid core PVC, vinyl and composite railings and fascia, pressure treated pine framing, arch and wrap beams, and other tricks of the trade
  • Our decks are warranted for 20-25 years, but they tend to last even longer
  • The only maintenance you’ll have to perform is a power wash with a fungicide for PVC and a wash with a high pressure nozzle for vinyl once a year
  • Fiberon Horizon and Azek products have earned popularity with our customers for such qualities as resistance to mold, stain, fade and scratch

Traditional Hardwood Decks

Hardwood is still a common choice for many of our Maryland customers who prefer an authentic look with the wood’s warm feel and unique grain.

There are some factors to account for when considering a hardwood deck:

  • Not all hardwood is suitable for decks. We recommend Mahogany, Ipe, Massaranduba or Tigerwood, because they are least affected by the various weather conditions of Maryland and work well for outdoor use
  • Depending on the species you choose, we use a variety of methods to seal the surface and enhance hardwood’s weather-resistance. These methods may include
    • Sanding all sides and treating them with acetone
    • Waxing end grains
    • Second coating exposed parts after installation
    • Etc.
  • Hardwood decks can last a lifetime and don’t require a lot of maintenance.

Deck Evaluation and Renovation

If you already have a deck but think it needs some updating, we are happy to help. Our Maryland deck builders will evaluate your deck and determine how they can enhance the structure and help you get the most use out of your outdoor space.

Depending on how far you want to take your deck renovation, we can completely dispose of the old structure and redo, or leave the existing framing and retrofit a new deck.

Before we lay new decking on the old frame, we always make sure that the structure is strong enough to support new materials. If it’s not, we’ll advise you to opt for a complete remodel.


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